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Fee Structure

Neel Kamal Charges

  • Admission Fees (New admitted pay at the time of admission
  • Tuition Fees (Monthly) (Payable before the 7th day of every month)
  • Transport Charges:
  • Route No. 1:- School to Lower Thathar and Upper Thathar
  • Route No. 2:- School to Chinore and Bantalab
  • Route No. 3:- School to Raipur and Khari
  • Route No. 4:- School to Nardani
  • Route No. 5:- School to Kot-Kalakam
  • Route No. 6:- School to Central Jail, Kaink and Jawala

Students who have not paid the tuition fee and other dues before the examination will not be allowed to sit for the final examination. For other details concerning fees please go through the account section of the school.